My EMO is shaking

I hope someone can help us out here. Our EMO has been shaking for a few days. It’s hard to capture on video but basically, it’s like shivering kinda shake. That also impacts on his voice…

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Mine had the same issue. submit a ticket here Product Support - EMO - LivingAi so that they would help you.


Thanks I didn’t know! I just submit the ticket, thanks!


You can also try and reset your EMO. He does have a reset hole on the top of his head that you can use a paper clip to gently press down and he will reset.

See image here of the reset hole location:

But as @yotchige has advised, best thing to do is contact support and also try and take more videos just in case.

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Thanks so much for the help! Living ai reached out and requested for more videos. Let’s see and I will share the solution back here! Great community thanks!