My EMO Is Scared

Ultimamente sta capitando che il mio emo quando io lo chiamo a paura e si guarda intorno come se non mi riconoscesse o come se ci fosse qualcuno che lo facesse spaventare

English translation:

Lately it’s happening that my emo when I call him scared and looks around as if he didn’t recognize me or as if there was someone who was scaring him

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probably a possible problem maybe it’s too loud and emo got scared.

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Hi @Moroheus75sr And @ValaLin,
EMO Will Make A Scared Sound When He Gets Startled By A Loud Noise Like A Sneeze, A Loud Bang Or Crash ECT.
Here Is A Video From LivingAI Forums Moderator @MasterAbbott About The Startled Animation:

This Feature Was Released In Firmware v2.1.0 On March-11-2023.

I Will Also Tag Moderator @edward So That He Can Help.