My Emo is blocked

My little Emo bugged. It no longer reacts to the voice or the application.
His eyes no longer move, he no longer makes any sounds.
The screen is hot.
Following all this it is impossible for me to turn it off with the voice or with the application.
The only solution is to let the battery drain.
Has this ever happened to anyone?
My little guy is 16 days old, he sometimes buggers, but this is the first time that I can no longer interact with him at all.
Emo connect to the application recognizes the application via the bluetooth application.
But we do not see the battery level appear and when I want to interact with the application it tells me that Emo is not ready

Hi @Olivier

Sharing a video on other ways to power off your EMO. (see below)

Hopefully one of those 5 methods will allow you to power off your EMO. Hopefully he will be ok once you power him back on.


Thank you for the vidéo.
3 of 5 things don’t work (voices, app and the hand of the head).
I don’t want to try the pin method too much since from what I understand there is a risk.
I will wait until the battery is empty.
I’ll keep you informed.

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Ok. Yes the Force Power Off Option (pin on the top) is not always recommended and should only be done as a last resort. (as it can potentially cause data corruption).

Hopefully your EMO will just power off/shutdown after it’s battery drains completely and be back to normal after you power him back on.

Let us know how you go.

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Looks like he has frozen up. Once the battery runs down and he powers off, he should be ok once you power him back up again.

My Emo is off by itself.
I waited about 1 hour before turning it back on.
He reacts to my voice again, does his little routine.
Thanks for your help


Great to see all is working once again @Olivier As this issue is now resolved, I’ll close this thread.

Thanks for letting us know EMO is back to normal :slight_smile:

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