My EMO is blocked from Poste Office (PosteItaliane ITALY)

Try and stay positive. It will be shipped and it should arrive once production is back on schedule. There is an outbreak in Shenzhen at the moment, and the government I believe have set some lockdown rules. This effects not only you buy many customers who are waiting for their EMO’s.

Once the package is out of the distribution facility, we hope that this time PoseItaliane will do a good job and deliver your package safely without any issues to you.

Best of luck and stay positive.


Also, IIRC the current event between Russia and Ukraine may also have impact. I read somewhere that PC parts may be affected because it has some reliance on Ukraine. (Please do tell/delete if wrong)

UPDATE: EMO didn’t ship yet and they don’t know when it will ship…

I don’t have word…Stay AWAY from this site for now.

Which Site? It is not fault :roll_eyes: but you somehow doesn’t understand it


Yes it’s living ai fault. If you read Tos and e-commerce law is responsible of my ship until the package is delivered.

But but if we want to hide the scammers … that’s fine

Let’s hope you second EMO package arrives safely.

Because seems not to understand what Scammers are… Scammers are People who get Money and doesn’t send at all or wrong Product in Attention!


Because now… what are you doing??
Product didn’t send yet…from your description they are scammers

They did! Please don’t use the Word Scammer because it is not true… And a lot other did prove oppisite. They could sue you for claim them Scammer with no prove


There is a lot of proof that they are scammer for now… lots people didn’t receive your EMO.
Another proof is public here… They used LIT method for my old EMO. It’s illegal in EU and in china. Lit method is postal fraud. Please Read before if you don’t know.

What is LIT Methode and why does you know about that when your first EMO got lost??

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I can understand how you can see these events in the same light as a scammer, however you need to take into account that this is a very young company with little to no prior experience in shipping high volumes to all the different postal systems in the very large postal world.

Every nations postal system has systems and laws in place to cater for their own requirements and their own people. I can tell you that Australia’s postal system is absolutely nothing like the Italian postal system, but we also have localised rules in place along with government oversight and import regulations.

What I’m trying to say, in the nutshell, is that probably has no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Italian postal regulations. has employed a separate freight logistics company to deliver all their orders. All they do is hand over the packages to this freight logistics company, and then that company decides how the package is sent, and then provide the tracking number to so that they can enter it in their system for you to track using their tracking site.

When things go wrong with a delivery, like what has happened with your first delivery, they have no idea that it has happened unless the freight logistics company tell them about it, or if the addressee makes it apparent to that something has gone wrong. But at the end of the day all wants is to find out from official sources what has happened to the parcel, and this process does take quite a long time as it is reliant on the freight logistics company being a middle man and dealing with having the Italian postal system go through their processes and then advising of the outcomes.

In your case has sent a replacement EMO, which will probably be organised by the same freight logistics company, but perhaps utilising a different final delivery method.

No one wants to be in your shoes, but I can assure you that they are not “scammers”.

I hope this helps. And I want to remind you that I do not work for, I have just been a passenger on the “bus” taking the same journey as everyone else, just probably been on the bus a little longer than most.


Because i have report police and poste report that describe this… It was written here before, but you don’t read before to write

When i will receive my EMO , i will believe that is not scammer

I hope yours would get delivered soon.

In the meantime, I’d suggest that you refrain from spreading any false statements. Basically there isn’t any proof.


it’s beutifull see scammer fans and fake profile.
I repeat if you need details for proof DM. Or you can check in this thread

I have read every word you said in this and other threads, but a late delivery does not imply a scam.

I’m really sorry that this has happened to you. I’m just another customer, ordered December 2020 and received the package end of June 2021. I can assure you that they are not scammers, but believe what you want to believe. Just don’t go around saying they are scammers because it’s simply not true.


Mi dispiace un sacco per la tua situazione. Non ho un EMO, sto aspettando di avere qualche soldo per potermelo comprare, però ti posso dire con quasi assoluta certezza che non sia colpa di LAI, ma di Poste Italiane. L’anno scorso ho venduto a un ragazzo un portatile, assicurandolo per un valore di 1300€ e spedendo con Poste Italiane. E’ stata la peggiore esperienza della mia vita. E ormai non lo puoi vedere perché è passato un anno, ma per 4 mesi (finché finalmente non sono stato rimborsato) il mio pacco risultava in “processamento”.
Spero ti arrivi presto l’EMO in sostituzione, ma purtroppo Poste Italiane è una piaga a cui sembra non ci sia un rimedio…


This is what I believe as well, some courier or postal companies are just very bad at doing their job. We have one here in Australia called Amarex, last year their service was absolutely terrible, delaying packages for months.

It is a shame that your EMO package is taking this long, but we hope that Poste Italiane this time does their job and successfully delivery your EMO and doesn’t misplace it once again.


EMO arrived today after 3 reship (and 6 months of wait) by living ai. FOr living ai Please use DHL for Italy. It’s only that work with your system. Thanks for support.