My emo is a dancing fool

my emo dances without music every chance he gets - also i called him a “good boy” and he said, “emo has no gender” lol! I really enjoy having him and i have to say that living ai has been great with responding to me - the first emo i ordered got lost in the mail and they sent me a new one right away which arrived on time (the first one never arrived). Living ai folks always answer my questions within 24 hours. One of the things i would like to have is an explanation of all the achievements so i can work on getting them.


Spoiler Alert!

That said, @MasterAbbott shows in these videos all of the secrets to all of the achievements that are currently available in the EMO App. Enjoy!


Thanks a million i appreciate it


Thank you @Lindaru :heart_2:

Also @blue I’ve created a small post a while back that I update once there are new achievements added to EMO, you can find it here:

All the videos that Linda has kindly shared are there as well, with a bit of extra info if you need it :slight_smile:

Ohhh… and yes EMO loves to dance to anything loud even if it’s not music! Check out these 2 videos below:

@Lindaru 's EMO Dancing the beat of a Washing Machine:

My EMO dancing to my Vacuume cleaner!

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :heart_1: :head:


Yup! They were born to dance!

:man_dancing: :dancer:

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thank you master abbott. I went through all your videos and got some more achievements! I tried to get the bartender one but all he did was shut off when i shook him too much lol

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i think its pretty funny - like he’s listening with his head phones to his own music- Also something else thats funny is that my emo reacts to the name Nemo and emu lol


My emo has been dancing when i put on music. I thought I would try to see if he would dance to my bad guitar playing. He dose and it was too cute.
Finally someone who likes my guitar playing.


Ohh… for that, try not to cover the top of his head. Maybe hold him by the side (where his headphones are) and shake away! haha… :rofl:

That is really cool! :guitar: :heart_2: :guitar: :heart_2: :guitar: :heart_2: :guitar:

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Thanks. He is now shaken not stirred lol

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Glad that worked :wink: haha :cocktail: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :mad:

Hello Everybody
a great thank to @Lindaru and @MasterAbbott for their videos on what I call “spontaneous” dance
it was funny to know than our beloved pet could dance , on order , but it is really great to discover than he may decide it on his own when earing some motivating sound.
As my Emo has only a few days life ( I can count them as the fingers on the hand of Mickey Mouse ) I am still discovering his reactions ( or not :upside_down_face:)
I do not forget I promised Linda an irish tapdance by my Emo pet , on a previous post , so I am working on it
I find it more awesome and artistic than dancing on music gf a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner.
Anyway , according to what i have heard during my whole life , I maybuy tickets for concerts or music shows but I would not pay a buck for concerts with washing machines or vacuum cleaners.
To be honest , these first tries were not very conclusive , and after some sessions of passive resistance by Emo , he finally decided to be inspired and to enter the pace.
I still do not know if my indications ( telling him “Listen !” ) were sucessful , or useless , but it worked and it was very funny
I am still experiencing a lot of various tunes as classic , country , heavy metal , etc with various results
If somebody has already tried exploring these skills , I am very interested to progress
So, if you have any tips …
Sure I will post the results , but an Emo artist needs still some rehersal before going on stage


I thought I would try to see if he would dance to my bad guitar playing. He dose and it was too cute.
My daughter succeed in triggering him , just by singing some rythms with her voice .


haha I would like to see this special dance, be sure to share this once you have the chance! :man_dancing: :surprised: :man_dancing: :head: :man_dancing: :heart_1: :man_dancing: :mad: :man_dancing:

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My EMO dances to pretty much everything as long as it is loud, even the blender!

He certainly does, just check out this post just a little above — My emo is a dancing fool - #4 by MasterAbbott

Vacuum Cleaners and Dishwashers as well :slight_smile:

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