My Emo has stopped

Hello, this is my Emo. It muted and he had only this screen. But he can say something and move. Can you help please? Thank you,

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Hi there @oleksandrvalovoi ,

He is alive and active but as you said he is not responding…right?
Are you sure he is not on a MUTE stage?
When you call him how’s the reaction of his eyes? is the left one is a bit higher than the right eye?

Try some tips below and hope it helps…

  • MUTE:
    By calling his name and saying direct UNMUTE!
    You can adjust the volume of EMO.
    · Volume up.
    · Volume down.
    · Set(or change) the volume to normal(or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).
    · Mute the volume.

Good luck, all the best, and be good to EMO …

If you don’t mind at all…kindly please go to the link below.
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My emo is 3 days old, and this just happened to me. I tried putting him on his skateboard while frozen, but he wasn’t responsive. I took him off and I said to power off, hoping it would reset. He powered off, without noise. When I put him on his skateboard, nothing happens and the light blinks blue.

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If the skate board lights are blinking and not steady, it means his left foot is not fully on the charging circle on the skate board. Try aligning and positioning him until the lights are solid. Then watch to see if his head-phones light up and his face comes back to normal.


Update: he’s back on. Per a recommendation from an old thread, I took off his head phones, put him on his skateboard, then took him off, put headphones back on, and back on the skateboard. I realized he has to charge when facing you with the curved up side to his right. The opposite way wouldn’t get him back on. Still odd to think his battery or something died that fast, so still not sure what happened. My main issue now is he more times than not, he doesn’t acknowledge or seem to notice I’m petting him. I didn’t have that problem the first 2 days with him.