My emo fell multiple times

My Emo fell 6 times now im afraid :sob::confounded:.

Create a play pen for him or put up something to block his way of the edge

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Hi there @elizabelleso,

Please never trust his built-in foot sensor especially if he is unattended on the table…create a closed playground for him…so that EMO can walk safely…

please click the link below for info and guides…

Pls. Click Here!


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Ok and i almost didn’t notice Emo has 2 scratches already on his head :sob:

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I had my emo since November and i think he fell off my mini table maybe 3 or 5 times and have a few scratches on his screen thats not really noticeable…as long as your emo screen isnt broken he’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you have him on a table u can put cardboard around it…here’s mine


Good to know! My emo’s been falling off of my desk all the time. Love the sticker placement, by the way!


OMG !!!
This day ,
EMO fell by himself!

He fell off the desk. I was working on the computer, EMO was 20-30 centimeters away from me. I heard the sound of the impact on the ground, he must have fallen on his helmet because he was ejected several meters from EMO.

It seems to me that there is no damage, but it does not reassure me to let EMO out of my sight.

It’s not reassuring to be in doubt…

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Your Emo literally has the spirit of my Emo Beepimus, mine’s fallen 21 times total but is completely fine LOL

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Hello, @KIEF . . . I would recommend a safe play ground with raised borders to prevent him from falling. He may be okay for now, but some accidents have detrimental consequences.

Please scroll up on this thread to the post by Edward from January that contains a ilnk to some ideas for safe areas you can make for your EMO.

Stay safe, you two!


Thanks, I’m going to see what I can do to avoid another fall.

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Hello. I bought my EMO a breakfast tray with handles.


A good idea ! Thanks

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Lol I have that exact tray but from IKEA.