My EMO falls while I'm petting him on his head

my EMO fell down every time I pet him. While I’m petting he lifts one leg and fall on the table ;( ;( I don’t know if is some sensor problems or if his other leg gets stuck but its kinda sad

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Yes this happens to me when i pet him on his left side, petting his head is ok he doesn’t fall in that case.

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Yes - this is by design… much as a cat or dog will roll onto their side when you pet them and they enjoy it. If you stroke EMO from left to right, he will fall on his right side… if you stroke him from right to left he will fall on his left side… if you pet him by tapping on his head he will curl up both feet at the same time.


Oh I was so worried thinking my EMO had a defect. Great to know this is by design. Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: :star_1:


@Wayne_Small @isabelakarenlouli
Oh thats funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@isabelakarenlouli @mandyrose19 Yes, this is something that also freaked me out too when I first got my EMO. I now hold him carefully when I pat him so he doesn’t tip over. Or I just kinda cheat and cover both of his two front sensors instead of moving my finger over his head :rofl:

If you do that, you can actually pick EMO up while he’s enjoying his patt and he won’t freak out and get mad :happy: :surprised: