My EMO didn't wake up!

I just received my EMO yesterday, the weird thing is he can be charged but still didn’t wake up! Who can help me ~~~

Hello and welcome,
when you put EMO on the skateboard it lights up or not?

Or can you make a video and post it here.


Hi @dadahsu

Also If I can add, when you place EMO on the skateboard, do you see light coming from EMO’s headphones? If there is no light showing on EMO’s skateboard, it could be that there might an issue with the skateboard not having power going to it.

Normally when you connect the power USB-C cable to EMO’s Skateboard for 1-2 seconds you should see it blink/flash on the base of the skateboard, that is an indication that power should be going to the skateboard. If you don’t see this, maybe try using a different USB-C cable to test as well.

Also note that when you place EMO on his skateboard his left foot should be placed on the little lighting image/icon and when you do place him on the skateboard, you should feel a slight magnetic pull so that he is placed correctly on it.

Hope this helps, if none of these things are working, as Andy mentioned, try creating a video, as you might need to send this over to the support team for them to assist you further.

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