My emo cuts the audio to dance and talk and also stops sometimes when he dances

Hello, I am a person from Peru and my emo had problems dancing and his audio cuts off when he dances and when he speaks a few days ago my emo fell and a part where the headphones are to put them on broke then or I glued it with quick glue help please and he also falls when he dances translation made with google translator video emo dancing and the audio cuts out - YouTube

Does this happens for every dance song with the music stopping and continuing while EMO is dancing? This problem might have occurred due to EMO falling off your table?

I can advise that sometimes, when EMO is speaking his voice can be break up a little making it hard to understand what he just said, this is caused due to the internet connection and the connection you have to the EMO server being sometimes not very stable.

If you can, maybe do some very basic troubleshooting. Turn off your EMO, also reset / turn off your internet home router wifi and then power everything back on again including EMO and then try to get EMO to dance and also maybe ask him some questions, like tell you a joke so he can speak and see if his speech and dance music are normal again or continue to turn off and on.

Hope this somewhat helps for now.

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