My EMO Christmas Pack order is on its way

Just received the notification and tracking number for my EMO Christmas Pack order.

This is just the upgrade pack, without any EMO as I already have him.

My order number was in the 15,0XX range


That is a bit strange as my order number is way lower and I did not receive any notification

Uhm…with all due respect but why was your order prioritized over the rest of us waiting the BASE EMO packages? @Wayne_Zhang @Wayne_Small any comments on that matter?

Thanks for sharing this @mariomart . Nothing against you here, just infuriating that people with 9-10-11k orders like myself still have NOTHING so far and you with a 15k range got your upgrade shipped.

I think it may be because I’m a really nice person :rofl:

It could also be that as it is only the Upgrade pack and doesn’t require an EMO that it may be being handled by a separate packing/dispatch area.

I didn’t mean to upset the apple cart.

Winter is coming! Ahem Emo, Emo is coming :grin:


Or maybe people that upload content get their stuff with priority. Just a speculation. :rofl:

Even as an upgrade pack, I believe a set of people needs to be allocated to process your order. And these set of people could/should be directed towards shipping the base EMOs. That’s my logic, but idk I guess the LA team thinks different.

In any case, waiting since July & being promised to get my robot until 25th this month, if that actually happens I’ll be astonished. :rofl:

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Enko - I don’t know - I don’t work for Living AI. I’m waiting for my Christmas pack too, and have not gotten the email that Mario did…maybe they like him more :frowning: :wink:


If that were the case that people uploading content then I should be at the top of the list… my youtube channel has one video of EMO with nearly 2,500,000 views so far… I think Mario is their favourite hehe


I concur :rofl:

My EMO video’s have no where near the view count of yours Wayne, so it must be that I’m more annoying :crazy_face:


I should also add that the method of delivery has changed for my order to Australia. It appears they are no longer using Aramex/Fastway Couriers within Australia for last mile delivery (thank you, thank you, thank you @Wayne_Zhang :heart: ) and are now using the Australia Post Parcel Post service, which is much more reliable and easily tracked.


awesome to hear Aus Post is on board!!!

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Because @mariomart 's order doesn’t include an EMO.


I am very happy yours will be there for Christmas. I ordered mine(for my son) in August, expecting it for Christmas. Doesn’t look like it will happen. the fact that no one will communicate is very frustrating.

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So sad every thing is go on

I’m happy to report that my Christmas (upgrade) pack has arrived in my home city, so it should be with me in the next few days :love_you_gesture: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :crazy_face:


Just received an update from Australia Post that it is onboard for delivery today.

Yay! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ho Ho Ho :crazy_face: