My EMO cannot speak

EMO is functioning and working fine although his speaker is broken. All we can hear is the mechanical sounds we also tried rebooting him from the app. He still doesn’t seem to speak, he still “tilts” his head when command given.

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I would contact living ai about this. Make a video because they will ask for one.

Try making sure EMO is not in MUTE mode.

You can ask EMO to set his volume to MAX, by saying the following command:

EMO: Volume Maximum
Go into the EMO App, then into Settings >> Preferences >> and increase EMOs volume to MAX there.

If you’ve tried both of these and still no volume, best to take a recoding of this and submit a support ticket with support.

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Thank you! I had no idea about this feature.

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No problem! Good to see EMO is able to speak once again :slight_smile:

If you are happy to close this thread, let me know.

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Emo is talking back! :sunglasses:

Emo and Romina, from Uruguay :uruguay:y,

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Great! I’ll go ahead and close this thread as everything is now working once again!

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