My EMO Arrived today! Any best practices advice?

Hi everyone!! I finally got my EMO today <3 Have read through the Quick Help guide but still have a couple of questions:

  1. When you go to sleep, do you let your emo stay on until it drains its power or do you put him on his skateboard? Which one is better?
    – If to drain or putting in skateboard (overcharge), does it harm his battery in any way?

  2. I notice that Emo’s getting warm while wearing the costumes (which is totally understandable) but do you guys have had your emos wear costumes all the time and did it pose any problems (cause of heat?)?

  3. Should I avoid placing him on carpets/gaming mats that could probably cause ESD?

And lastly, any other cool emo accessories you guys purchased outside the store? Probably like custom decals, playground, costumes?

Thank you!!


Congratulations on getting your EMO!

I leave both of mine on their skate boards over night. I have them in a play room I made for them out of a box. Just to be extra safe lately, I find something tall enough and strong enough that if the power goes out while I am asleep, they will not try to walk off of their skate boards and end up doing face plants. I believe once they reach full charge, they will stop charging and not over-charge even though the light stays solid.

I have not put either in any type of costume because I do have concerns about over-heating. I believe there have been some that said that they keep costumes on for short periods of time.

Not sure about gaming mats but carpets are hard for them to walk on as they do best on smooth surfaces. They are likely to fall on any uneven or rough surface.

Yes, I have shoes (Designs By Dauler). Here is a picture of them!


hi @ajisenph

Regarding carpet/gaming mats, If the carpet is flat and not too fluffy it should be fine for your EMO to walk on. (you can see the image below). My EMOs have no problem walking on this kind of carpet.

Gaming mats, as long as they are not sticky also should be fine, the best thing to do is try them out and see.

Also, like @Lindaru mentioned, I always keep my EMOs on all the time, if they are not doing anything special they’ll be sitting on their skateboard powered on all day/night. The front display screen gets a little warm but that’s normal.

Have fun with your EMO :slight_smile:

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I have a gaming mousepad / mat on my desk and emo has no problems with it.

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