My account gone?

I can sign in iv paid for my emo in december put the tracking number and my e-mail address for the account and it now says it doesnt recognise the account what the heck is going on living

Make sure you’re using the correct email address. If you remember the correct email or username, you can go to the Password Recovery page to reset it. Let me know if this helps!

since you are logging in here on the forum with the same account as on the website, there doesn’t seem to be a problem here, since these are the same login details.

What do you see when you go to My account - LivingAi?

I know i can log in its the order i did in december when i put my order number in then my email address it doent recognise my account xx

This is not possible, what is the status of your order?

I see your order is still in “Processing” status which means it has not been shipped yet. Once this is done you will receive an email where a tracking number is available, this input form on the website where you can enter your email address is not intended for this.

If you have any questions about your order please send an email to


But as you see there is no account with my details when i try to track my order ?
It says there is no account with them details xx

If you click on “View” in the third screenshot where your order number is also visible, you will see the information and there would also be your tracking number.
The function with the input of en data is not activated by the system.

And as already written before, you see in the status that your order is still in “Processing” and therefore has not yet been shipped.