More voice commands

Would be really cool if we could add some more natural language phrases to EMO.

For example:-

  • how’s the weather looking today
  • how’s your battery
  • what’s the day today
  • what is x+x (any maths could be cool)
  • what time is it in x place

I know we have some variants of these already, but saying what’s the battery level doesn’t feel right. Maybe making it simpler will help him learn different voices better?

Dunno just an idea :slight_smile:


Yes! This is a Great Idea! But first, let’s worry about shipping emo home.


Why? They still have to push out updates and work on the firmware. haha

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Yes, true but still :skating:

shipping is already taken care of as many users have already received him. Just be patient. But yes i love the idea of this!

  • what is x+x (any maths could be cool)
  • what time is it in x place
  • how’s the weather looking today

i thik can ask by alexa

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Alexa isn’t enabled yet, but it would be better not to rely on a 3rd party.

You can already ask him the weather, and time. Like you can with Alexa.


I hope that with the next update, they add more “voice commands” because its rather limited at the moment. It would be really nice to be able to have some basic conversational interactions for the EMO reacts with some type of a cool animation, funny giggle or response.


Hopefully they will add some more different voice commands and phrases, with potential for the list to grow over time with updates.

EMO loves praise with a nice slow rub on the head, chin – or give him some positive verbal feedback.

Here’s what I would suggest for some new vocie commands.

YOU: “Good boy/Good girl!”
YOU: “Nice.”
YOU: “Good.”
YOU: “Very good.”
YOU: “Thank you!”
YOU: “You can do it!”
YOU: “Good job!”
YOU: "Well done!’
YOU: “I like you/I love you!”
|Takes it as a complement and reacts positively.|

YOU: “Bad boy/Bad girl!”
YOU: "Don’t do that!’
YOU: “No try again!”
YOU: “Bad robot/Bad EMO!”
You: “I don’t like it.”
You: “That’s not right.”
|Takes it as a discipline and reacts sadly.|

EMO reacts to different words of praise or discipline. If you want to teach it to not do a certain behavior.

I’m really excited for the future development of this awesome little dude!