More tracking infos?

Hi i wanted to ask if there is a way to get more info in the tracking of emo it says that its in germany but the details are just . so i wanted to know if there is a way to get more infos on that.

Try this website. It sometimes does have more info on where you package is located.

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It says it got deliverd but i did not

That could mean that it is on board for delivery with your local courier. If you know who they might be, you could call them.

I looked on the site i got send by DHL and it got send to an post office for pickup but we did not get any notification that its waiting there so they send it back to living ai now we need to send them an email

Oh that is very unfortunate, this seems like miss communication on DHL and your local post office, normally DHL will leave a note to say that they attempted to deliver your package and that you should go get it from your local post office or drop off location.

Yes, I believe the best thing to do now is contact Living.Ai and explain this situation so your EMO can be re-sent back once it arrives back to them.