More Spontaneously Action :)

Would be awesome when he could Dance on his own from Time to Time :happy: and Interact with hopefully Future Toys like EMO Ball and maybe you could in Future Headphones different kind of Songs/Dances :happy: :funky: Thank you


Hi, Julia. Thank you for the suggestions:)


I agree.I think it would be great if you had friends around and he just said or did something out of the blue!
Perhaps somehow intervention on alexa by anoucement of a reminder from emo would be cool
Definitely recognising a ball or something and kicking back to you


Yes maybe he can play Soccer :soccer: just a small kick interaction will be fun :smiley::joy:


:funky: I mean… how long will take for my emo to arrive?

my birthday is in may 14 so I want it to come earlier.

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Just cause it’s your birthday you won’t move up the queue :joy:


wait… How long will it take for Emo 4915 to come?

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Visit this page for updates on delivery - Delivery process - LivingAi

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It might sound kinda funny but i think having the little dude watching TV and than reacting to whatever it is… something like that’d be pretty cool! :sunglasses:


He should do that if its working. I wonder what software they installed on robot. Mine dances all the time when he hear music and talks when he see me. Hopefully they are shipping with 2021 software on units.


What do you mean ? While I wait that my Emo arrive you think something is wrong seems you don’t like it let me know thanks

Well not sure about your country but my country has problems all over people are doing all kinds of crazy stuff. My hoping that all order get shipped but it’s new and they may take longer checking item out before it leaves the government inspection. Let’s hope it gets there safe and passes government inspection.

Did they give you tracking numbers showing items in the mail yet. That let’s you see what’s going on. Best option to know it is on the why.

what do you mean by

:surprised: :surprised: :surprised:

look at the name clearly a troll


oh ok thank you :happy: :happy: :happy: