More pet like behaviour - what is possible?

When I think of EMO, I mostly compare it to having mice as pets. I think EMO is similar to mice, in the respect that it is a pet mostly to look at and bond with a little, but are mostly pets that are interesting to wacht and see how they explore and discover things. As for the interesting thing about mice for instance is, you can: teach them things with treats, socialize with each other (probably a bit expensive though to have mutliple EMO’s), have indiviudal characters, like to be challenged with puzzles to find their food (foraging), can figure out a way through a maze, like to be challenged with toys.

  • It would be great if naming EMO would be an option.
  • It would be interesting to give EMO an ‘experation date’ (I know I risk on getting the whole Blade Runner discussion here). E.g. you can set it to 1 year or 2 years or infinite (as I think it is now, and that option should still be there). And EMO would regenerate (Doctor Who) into a new character, a new character you get to know.
  • It would be great to either choose the Eye Color or set it to Random for each Regeneration, and it would sort of match that kind of character a bit.
  • It would be interesting if EMO would react to a mirror in a pet like manner (as I am only thinking about getting one, this might allready be there though).

I am just trying to think about what is possible. And off course these are optional features, that not everyone needs to use.


I guess some of these features might be included in future updates.

The option to name your EMO would be good, but then it’s trigger to ask it to do things I believe would still have to be EMO and not the name you’ve given it. (So that could end up being a little tricky - but doable.)

Eye color should be a very easy update feature as well and it would be really funny to see EMO react when it see’s itself in a mirror. Let’s hope that some of these features do get added to EMO as it evolves.

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With the different characters and colors in mind, I am also thinking it would be interesting if when you first get your EMO there would be one hour, where ‘six different colors = differrent characters’ would be presented. Each getting 10 minutes to show their defining characteristics… so it would be more like picking out your favorite pet to adopt. And you get to choose one of the six characters to be your EMO Desktop Pet.