More holidays would be really cool;

It’s Passover, and I feel like there should be an option to toggle holidays. It would be cute for emo to acknowledge Jewish holidays like hannakah.


I agree I think emo should have holidays of all religions because some people may be Christian, Jewish, Muslim and more! I agree that they should add more holidays to be more inclusive.

I don’t want my EMO to be a believer. For me it’s not useful at all. It should be optional and I would disable it.


Who said anything about believing? We just have a Passover dinner. I get tired of seeing everything singing Christmas songs, including my robots.

I just want to see more holidays be included in Emo’s program! I never said anything about being a believer but like the Christmas and Halloween animation for all holidays. Possibly this could be a future update and I know all of these animations would be really cool.