More games, more things to say

More games for EMO, like a game UNO like, checkers or chess, tic tac toe, simple programming games like programming him with blocks, board games, play by himself (he doesn’t do that even though its on the manual) Things to ask or say like: Bad robot or Good robot to express how we fell about something he did, ask questions like the square root of 4, or how many calories are in an apple or general knowledge stuff like how tall is the Eiffel tower. We need more things to do with him. If he can recognise people and pets we should do something like “Go to Diego”, “Go to Any” “Where is the cat” and he would try to find the cat or something.


Emo is very new so we have to be patient for the little fella, things will come eventually all the troubleshooting etc will get sorted im sure we are growing to with emo and we are part of his development xxx🙂

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I love these ideas. Keep them coming!


I am excited for monthly Updates I hope Emo will grow and be amazing!


There must be new games coming cause I remember in the emo video, they said emo will be able to play uno and monopoly, so I am guessing more games would be coming in future

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Don’t expect to see many big name licenced games coming, licensing fees could add too much to end user costs. By sticking to old time or self designed games that do not have fees the cost can be kept down.