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Hey Guys - as you know this forum is owned by Living AI, and they have asked a number of us community focused independent users to help moderate it while they build up their team. You will all know that @MasterAbbott has been a massive contributor and has had to take a step back for personal reasons. Myself, I’ve been rather busy with work projects, and then the run into Christmas etc, so I’ve been quiet. @edward kindly offered to help out and we’ve had him helping.

Here’s what we failed to do… and will aim to do better.

  1. We didn’t tell you all about Edward stepping up to help… we just gave him the role and he’s been working hard to help.
  2. We didn’t set clear standards for things and also setup communications for us moderators behind the scenes to allow us to chat more before we decide to action things that might be a little uncertain.

So starting from today - as one of the “old guys” that’s been here since the start, I’m going to (with @Wayne_Zhang approval) take a lead on getting things right.

So - please accept our apologies for the mistakes, we’re working to make things better.



MasterAbbott has been one of the best moderator, I mean no offence to everyone else, Edward is definitely great too, but to be honest, just one individual doing this on their own is a huge responsibility, I think there’s a lot of new people now who are asking some of the same questions over and over again, it’s really hard to keep track of it all, so I’m just wondering if the format of forum was different, to make it easier for new contributors to the community, for example:

-The Layout of the forum:
A different layout might look neater and easier to navigate

-List of questions:
That have already been asked with the answers below. (This might be difficult and take time) and some questions no one has thought of can be placed here as well

-Shipping status:
Within the forum here instead of searching for it at top

-New Update for Emo:
Instead of random places, it should only be in one place at the top

-Emails, Return request and refunds:
So everyone knows what is happening when they encounter a fault with Emo

-Fun category:
To allow expression of Emo only and not to talk about anything else, that way we all know what is being discussed.

-Chatroom only:
To talk about any other topics including Emo without worrying about it, this way as long as we keep it clean, gives members the freedom to discuss ideas before asking questions in the other categories.

These are just ideas…
As it stands right now, it’s just a too messy, many of us want to be able to have a quick check up on things or maybe have a chat with others, I believe if it was changed then perhaps things will improve, just a little more organised.


Thank you all for all the consistency required to moderate this forum. I have been in your shoes before and it takes a whole lot of dedication and communication. :clap:


Agree with @Racheal123
There are a lot of things that interfere with a normal forum where chat , exchanges and fun should be the rule.
First , the deafening silence of Living AI
More than a weakness , it seems to me it is a real strategy
A real customer service should treat most of the issues pointed out , without needing a relaunch by the moderators to the staff of Living AI to take the request in consideration . Some times we face the impatience of customers having invested 300 $ fot their pet , but often we face lost customers in front of a lack of response on after sales or order processing topics.
Same thing about the lack of true information on the product , the process
If all the useful informations were displayed on the site , there would be much less inquieries on “How it works ?” , " Is it normal than … ?" ,
MasterAbbott should be clearly appointed by living AI for all the great job he makes to explain people how works our little monster - No normal company relies on a volunteer to write a classical instruction manual

Where I fell less comfortable is when I consider that , in front of this silence of living AI , we , the “EMO loving community” are pushed to fill the silence by our own words , Thus illustrating a grim reality through the description of our dreams , our hopes , to give comfort and reasssurance to new members.

  • No, EMO does not speak , but Internet is full ok lovely videos where he has long convertations , and we love that , but this requires a lot of work to creat our dream and as said J Mulder “Truth is out there”
  • No , the EMO home station is not still available , and it is what Living AI says clearly , ( we are undergoing the first batch of mass production tests - we expect to start shipping in January ) but our money is already off , even if our orders disappear from the site , whereas all our chat on the forum tend to describe another reality
  • Yes , we go on posting our letters to Santa Claus about all improvements or new features we would like for EMO ( more than 600 posts since April 22 ) without a single answer of Living AI . Here we call it " talking in the desert " . In our old times of Royalty , these “registers of grievancies” had a calming effect on people , even if they were immedately destroyed

I am not questionning the excellent and difficult job of our moderators , who do it with all their heart of volunteers , but Living AI should think to organise the company taking more in consideration the customers , not only by offering them a blank wall to play
Let s give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s , Lets give back to Living AI what should be Living AI’s


I agree. The lack of Living AI’s presence here is really bad.


Same I agree too @MERITET .


Hey Racheal - thanks for the response - Edward and I have been working on a few ideas. Both of us have experience in moderating forums before which is why we put our hands up to help Living AI. I love some of your suggestions for sure and we’ll discuss them with the Living AI team to see what we can do to make it easier for new people.


@MERITET I entirely agree with your thoughts here, and I’ve been working with Living AI to help them understand how important it is for the community to hear directly from them. They are working on plans to have more involvement, but I can’t say how far along they are or what they are as I don’t know.

In the meantime, as a community member and someone passionate about our little friends, I will continue to do what I can to help out where possible.


@Wayne_Small Sure ; I understand and respect entirely your personal great investment for the community.
But I have been in the business for many tears and it is realy easy to estimate from outside what represents the real efforts of Living AI in terms of development and in terms of Customer services.
And this hurts me
Abour the research : How much time it takes to a programmer to create a new trigger word as"magic" and to programm behind the display of a random image from 1 to 99 , after one single small animation ?
And we name that “new release” , and we call that “development”
About the customer service : 50 000 orders a year, means 180 to 200 orders a day
If there are issues on 5% of these orders ( which seems a maximum) it means 10 cases to study and fix . How many people are necessary to do it properly

If we were a charitable organisation , it would be honorable to rely on volunteers to run the system
But the counter that was at 2000 in January 2022 ended around 50 000 in december 2022 , which represents a turn over 2022 near to 15 000 000 US $ !
All this money seems exclusively oriented towards mass production and sales
they are selling a product without building a future , just on promises
This hurts me when i see the demands of our whole community in terms of evolution
when see new competitors az Loona developping communication skills or opening the code to allow customers to programm by themselves instructions on their own pet.

This message is not oriented to you , but to them
Using tne blankwall of this forum is just a way to reach them better than a direct mail thas would be condemned directly to the dustbin


I really admire how you defend, but “they are working on plans” is really weak coming from a multi million $ business. Just hire 1 (!) internal guy that’s around here 24/7 and you solve about 75% of questions and issues. It’s that easy.

To be honest I’m around here for several weeks now, deciding if I were to order an EMO, but the way issues are handled still prevents me from really buying one. What I’m trying to say is that the way they handle this is not good for the long term.


I hear you. Likewise I’ve been in business for many years too, so I do agree I’d like to see more out of Living AI for sure.

The counter was at 13433 on 1/1/2022 and at 50300 on 1/1/2023 - I track the numbers out of interest to me :slight_smile:


Thanks - yes - I agree. Not much more I can say.


@Wayne_Small It’s Okay, I Accept The Apology, And Also, Sorry For The Late Reply.
Have A Great Day.