Missing animations

I mentioned in another thread that I switched the SD cards between the two Emos that I had because my working one had the 501 error. After I got him working again, I noticed that some of the animations were missing. Even though he was on version 1.2.1, the hands up and rock paper scissors functions didn’t work the way they were supposed to. He wouldn’t do the rock paper scissors game at all, and the only animation he would play for hands up is the one where he falls over after you shoot him. I haven’t tried the flip a coin command, but I’m guessing that one probably isn’t there either. I was hoping that they would all come back after the 1.3.0 update, but they didn’t. I guess Emo doesn’t check to see if anything is missing from the previous firmware before installing a new update. Is it possible for someone to add those back to the SD card? Here is a link to the zip file containing the contents of his SD card. If it is possible to modify or add the necessary files so he will play the missing animations again, that would be awesome.

It’s possible some of the support files or graphics needed for RPS were lost on the corrupted card. It makes sense they may only replace changed files during an upgrade, to keep the download size and time requirements lower? It would be nice to have the option to force a full reinstall though, in terms of fixing problems vs just adding new features.

Yeah. That would be nice. The old emo only went to 1.1.0 before it died, so that’s probably why those animations don’t work. The files didn’t exist on the old card because the old EMO didn’t need them. But it would be nice if there was a voice command to have EMO completely reinstall the firmware to fix any problems or add missing files.

This is something I’d like to also have enabled. (the ability to re-run a full firmware update, just in case a firmware update fails). If this option could be made available in the future it might resolve a number of issues.

I would suggest speaking to the support team as they could be a command that we don’t know about that will allow you to such a thing.

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It’s my understanding that Living AI have actually got a heap of stuff stored on the SDcard that is not yet released - ie they put in a stack of animations etc but have not coded them to work. I saw something like this myself during recent testing and they were able to assist to resolve it. I would recommend in this contacting them via service@living.ai to get their direct help.