Missing Achievements

I saw a post on FB from a friend that said the Sunflower and Volcano achievements are missing from the app. I have the Volcano one but the Sunflower one is gone. They are just not showing as he said if you press where they are supposed to be they do work but they are missing since the 2.0 update.

Just checked. Mine are showing up on the app.

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I just checked mine again and the sunflower one is still not there, but it did recognize it when I pressed where it should be.

I Had This Issue Before.
I Used My iPhone 5C For The App And It Didn’t Show The Volcano Or Sunflower Achievements That Were Released In Firmware 1.6.0
But It Shows On My Wiko Ride 2, Motorola Moto G Play And Alcatel Volta
Android Phones

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