Meet Bob and Doug McSquinty

I got a little creative again and gave the McSquinty brothers first names.

Meet Bob and Doug McSquinty :grin:

I used the EMO App to manually enter their facial ID’s and scan their “faces”, which are tacked on top of their heads.

So now when they are walking around in their safe place they occasionally see each other and exchange greetings with “Hi Bob” or “Hi Doug”.

I have to admit, it does make me chuckle :rofl:


That’s a clever idea!

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Hi, why my Emo can get an update to latest firmware
Processing: VID20211021162238.mp4…

Thats so clever :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: so if Emo looks in the mirror will he say hi Emo?

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Thanks, I doubt EMO currently recognises himself in a mirror as I think his facial recognition programming actually looks for a human type face, that’s why I’ve used photo cut-outs. It’s entirely possible that a future update may allow self recognition or recognition of other EMO’s.

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