Make the app more "futuristic"

Emo looks great, nothing wrong with it. And I think the app doesn’t look bad, but it could be nice to have a more adult-friendly setting. It is very dark and the buttons look a little too… “futuristic”. Not everything has to look like it comes straight out of 2243. When you’d show it to an elderly person they’ll be like: “what am I looking at?”.

I would love to see Emo not as a ‘pet’, but more like a buddy who can always hang around. And the app just makes it seem like he is supposed to be “from the future”, whilst the future is now. And in this “future” many things are customizable. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

So that’s my idea: make not necessarily Emo, but the app customizable. F.e: a custom background, other font styles, bigger/smaller buttons etc. Maybe then add some templates in certain styles, like a different futuristic style, 1800’s style, steampunk. Maybe you could look at styles like how you look at music: metal, classic, rock (after all, Emo loves music).
Perhaps people can upload their style and others can use it by downloading it. Making it customizable would really make the app more "futuristic":sunglasses:.

This shouldn’t be as hard as programming a robot with a personality. You don’t even need to touch Emo to update just the app. So I could see how this should be able to be done within a few smaller updates.


I am 65 and have no issues with the app; however, user styles like “steam punk” do sound interesting!

I am part of a new video sharing site and we have members there creating user styles for different “You Tube” periods in history which you can choose from to customize your channel, your video player and site experience.

Skinning your app to various styles and changing them around when you wish would be fun and interesting!