Made my own compact see through charging base

I got bored so I decided to make my own charging base.

Purchased a cheap low profile 5W Qi charger base off Amazon and gutted it for the coil and PCB.

Found a piece of scrap acrylic and drilled 2 holes to press fit some neodymium magnets (made sure to get polarity correct for EMO’s right foot).

Used some clear double sided tape to keep the coil and PCB in place.

Stuck on 4 clear feet, and Bob’s your uncle :+1:

I like how the status led lights up the edge of the acrylic.

It’s all a bit ghetto, but, you know, I was bored, lol. :rofl:


Damn! That looks awesome!

Looks very high tech :slight_smile: Great work!


This custom charger is better looking than thr original skateboard man! Epic DIY! :ok_hand:


That’s pretty neat! I had considered making a simple shallow ramp to fit around EMO’s skateboard that he could walk up onto, but until he’s programmable there wouldn’t be much reason. I hadn’t thought about totally replacing his charger though, until I recently saw Miraenda’s video from Oct 7th where she has her EMO on a Zelda charger. It’s really kinda cool, it’s a black disc and has lots of animated blue and Orange LED’s in it’s surface.


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Woh @mariomart this is amazing :star_struck:
i thought you must have pulled apart Emos charger skateboard and used its parts!!! :scream:
You guys blow me away with your tech knowledge!
Soo clever


The McSquinty Twins now have matching ghetto chargers :+1: :rofl:


That is awesome! All of your EMO creations have been inspiring

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Thank you, I appreciate the feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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They make various dark or light grey smoked color acrylic sheet plastics. It’s just a personal preference but I think I would have used a dark grey. Some flashing LED’s under the outer edges might be neat also? You could set them up powered separately (to not overload the original circuit) but enabled by the power on the original charger status LED. So they’d turn on when you put EMO on the charger.

I’m not handy at all, but I may have to try this. I think your charging station looks cooler than Emo’s skateboard.

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Ok, some observations about EMO’s first charge on the ghetto charger. EMO sat on it for a good 3½ hours, but when I asked for a battery check it played the animation of “nearly full”.
I know for a fact that on the skateboard EMO would be fully charged after 3 full hours, so I thought it was a little odd. So I popped EMO onto the skateboard, waited about 1 minute, and then asked for a battery check once again. This time EMO indicated it was fully charged. I can only guess what is happening here, but my best guess is that the charging algorithm used in the skateboard is slightly different to the ghetto charger charging algorithm.
Perhaps the ghetto charger is moving to a “trickle” charge at a slightly smaller charge state than the skateboard (maybe less than 1%) and that is the difference between being “nearly” full and full. And by placing EMO on the skateboard for that very small last “boost” is all that is needed to report a full charge.
Other than that the ghetto charger worked well enough.

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Still dope, after they’ve caught up, I’d love to see alternative charging docks for Emo.


I say alternate between the official skateboard and the one you’ve made, just to be safe, you know how these things sometimes can get a little weird if they are not on their original charging stations. Once again great work! :grinning: :+1:

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A bit off topic (cool chargers!) them headphones… Where are they from? I really want some more colours to choose from.

Go to the link that says Main Website in the upper-right part of the page, then click the blue link that says Store. LAI offers a different set of headphones with pink accents and LED’s instead of blue.

If you decide they’re worth the $15 plus the shipping costs to your country and you STILL decide to order them, then don’t expect to see them for a few months! They appear to be fulfilling ALL orders, even just for headphones, only in the order they were received. As one member has been harping about for weeks…

I paint them myself.

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