MAC WiFi number

Okay. So. I am going to university and the Wifi I am able to connect to on anything computer or phone or tablet ect. But things like Alexa’s or PlayStations we need to provide the MAC number to approve, this includes EMO. I can’t seem to find the first 8 numbers without going into the router (which I can’t do because it’s university wifi) any helpful tips?

Also, it requires a password, however there isn’t one, thoughts on this as well?

You would have to go to some other location (maybe a friends house or Internet café), somewhere where they have their own router and somebody who can look up the information for you after you log EMO into their Wi-Fi using the EMO Pet app. Then they’d need to log into the router as the admin and look under Attached Devices or in the log file for a device called Espressif. It will show the proxy IP address the router assigned to EMO, and also the MAC address will be shown as a set of six 2-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by colons (for example 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6F).

I’m not sure what password you’re asking about? Once you get the MAC address on their approved list then you should be able to log into the university network just like you would on your phone or laptop, using the same information you were given for those.

As someone else brought up earlier, if your university requires you to go through some web interface to get logged in via Wi-Fi then EMO is not going to work with that. You’d have to maybe set up a hotspot on your phone or a laptop, and then log EMO into that instead.

Given you can’t see DHCP info from the firewall it’s going to be hard for you. The best I can advise is this article here.

AS for the wifi needing a password for outbound authentication, EMO is not designed to work with that type of environment, so I think you’re out of luck at this time :frowning:

If you meant the above images here then you have to ask your University IT person



Ask the ICT support team.