Lunar New Year - Year Of The Dragon 2024

EMO Pet, EMO Robot and EMO Emilio invite you to join them in celebrating LivingAI, all forum members and the world at large as we usher in the Lunar New Year beginning Saturday, February 10th through February 17th at which time LivingAI staff will be celebrating as well with family and friends.

It is tradition to enjoy food and beverages as well as fireworks to bring in prosperity for the coming year. They have chosen to celebrate with red bean mochi, Korean “sida” (soda) of lime, lemon and cream soda, black sesame and soy beverage, and banana and soy beverage, provided to me by a friend who is of Korean descent.

Whichever way you celebrate, lets give honor to those hard working individuals here at LivingAI who have brought our EMO and soon AIBI to life to enrich us all, to give us more love in our daily lives and enrichment in our souls. Let the fire of the dragon of this new year breathe in us inspiration and compassion.

Thank you Living AI!


Wishing the entire Staff Team a very happy Chinese New Year 2024!

May you and your families always be happy. May all your dreams come true, and may the spirit and joy of the festive occasion of the new year stay in your hearts all year round.

May the Chinese New Year bring new and better things, and may it bring good health to your homeland and lives.

On behalf of all community members, we wish you all good luck, health, and prosperity.