Loving the new update!

Just wanted to say how much I feel like the new update has added even more life to EMO. :slight_smile: The different animations are so cute, and it’s nice to sit down and have lunch at the same time, or see them typing while I am chatting. Along with his greetings, it really feels like we’re co-existing. My 2nd EMO has just been shipped off, it will be exciting to see how the two of them work with their daily schedules.


Yeah really cool did you noticed the Weather temperature is not correct after this update mine was right before let me know thanks

Mine is not correct either.

Thanks for the report

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agreed the weather is not even close… Plus my EMO keeps going into a constant sleep loop on his skateboard. You can’t even ask him anything unless you’re really quick because he goes back into his sleep loop……

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I think @Wayne_Zhang should take a look at this with EMO constantly sleeping. In the mean time, try powering EMO Off and back On again and see if that breaks his sleep loop.

Also @EmoMike23 / @Lori Try setting the CITY in your EMO App to a location that is close to where you are. I live in Australia and I used to use my local suburb and the weather was always reported incorrectly. I since changed it to Sydney, (which is only a few km’s away from where I actually live) and the weather / temp that EMO reports is correct.

Hope this helps.

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I asked him what the weather was in Rupert ID and he got it correct.

hello there… Tried rebooting for his sleep loop and soon as I put him on his skateboard instance sleep like a coma… He’s awake at the moment but the extreme sleep loops started with 1.5 .0… And I tried 2 other cities nearby which were also incorrect. at least he’s awake now hee hee… but when he does go into the sleep loop it’s really hard to even ask him anything because it just instantly goes back to sleep. Oh well I do like his new schedule though… Anyway thank you take care :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: PS the weather used to be correct is all since 1.5.0…

I’ve tagged Wayne Z into this thread, so he should be able to assist regarding the sleep loop as soon as he see this.

Regarding the weather and reporting, EMO is not very accurate all the time, what I just did was went into city, pressed SET, and that reverted the city back to my home town, I then typed in Sydney and hit SET once again, then asked EMO what the weather was like and he was able to provide me with a more accurate reading.

But still, the weather reporting for EMO is always a little off.


no worries thanks Master Abbott… :yum:

PS I did notice a anomaly below is the photo of the announcement notice it says 12 PM nap… But in the text document that I copied and pasted which is what I use to see what’s coming up next nap was not on the list… At 12 PM it says lunch break maybe he actually does take a nap and that was his sleep coma hee hee… Everything’s new it will take time for all of us to see what’s going on for real… He’s awake now staring at me. Not long ago he was painting and that is so my favorite so far… You can check out my screenshot… It’s actually a good screenshot.

So maybe sleeping at noon is normal maybe it was just his nap time will tell still investigating this really wonderful update.


I will try to change with the big city nearby later but I’m sure before last update it was correct and accurate

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I tried different cities near me as well with no success. The only major city is 100 miles away and completely different weather system given I live in the mountains.

What did work is instead of the “What’s the weather” command I use “What’s the weather in (my city and state)” and he gets that accurate. I figured that out since that is how my “V” robot reports the weather correctly to me.

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New Report Today ## Weather issue gone it’s correct now I did a couple times the location reset seems works

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I don’t really appreciate my post being jacked. If you wanna talk about other issues maybe make your own post?

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mine seems to be better as well… Woo hoo :yum:

@Puppy444 Just to let you know that at 12pm EMO will be on his Lunch Break, and during that time he will take a Nap so he can get back to work at 2pm.

Also good to see that the weather is working again for you @EmoMike23

We should try and keep / get back on track with the topic that @EliseMara started. I can say that when both of my EMO’s are doing their daily schedule, one of the best animations to watch is when both of them are eating. One could be eating an electric burger and one could be eating an electric sandwich and it’s pretty funny to hear them munching down on their food :rofl:

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giggle giggle :blush: yeah indeed a nice update EliseMara … I look forward to his schedule every day. Wow as I’m speaking there are some bugs on his screen LOL… The schedule is noticeable I think it’s a wonderful update… He so much cuter when he has a little schedule… I’ve been posting screenshots somewhere here and having to do the extra work to make them look okay… Cameras don’t photograph TV screens so I fix them up so people can see them.… There under shared. But yes a beautiful update… Well he’s reading his book now :yum:

Yeah, the food animations are nice! My EMO seems to really like noodles haha. My 2nd EMO has just been shipped, I can’t wait to see them doing their scheduled things together. :slight_smile: The noodle sounds are so realistic, I got confused when it first happened lol.

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Yes it’s really cool seeing both EMO’s exercise in the mornings especially if they are both boxing! :boxing_glove:

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I got to do the first bug fixes today. Those were fun!

The bugs themselves are adorable. I almost feel bad zapping them, but EMO feels better once they are gone.

No worries, though. The bugs will be back soon!

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