Lost package and no delivery attempt

My package has been lost. I have no idea where it is and the tracking number doesn’t help at all. I’m afraid it’s already sent back to China. Please help!

LivingAI Service email: Your package has arrived at the local post office, please go to the local post office to pick up the package as soon as possible, thank you.

Waybill Delivery Status: Delivered at parcel/mailbox.

I’m so lost and I’ve been waiting so long for the robot. It arrived on June 17, today is the 30th.

Did you contact your local post office? Call them on their local number, not an 800 number. Is Waybill a company? If so call their local office as well. If it was stolen off your porch, I’m afraid you have lost your Emo. :cry:

hey @rierierierie

Also while you are waiting for any updates, try entering your tracking number in 17 Track, they normally have good info on what and where the package could be.

Also it is best that you submit a support ticket with the Living.Ai support team and ask them what is the next steps moving forward. If the package is lost or is being returned back. Once they confirm this, normally they will re-send you a new EMO. But best thing to do is contact Living.Ai (see below support page)

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