Look at me when I'm talking!

I’m sure none of you ever had that phrase spoken to you as a child, eh? Smiles.

Well…I did. And you know what…it sure would be nice if Emo would turn to look at me when he’s talking to me. And I must also wonder about Emo’s capabilities to use his directional microphone capabilities. By the time he would “zero-in” on my face’s direction…I will probably have forgotten what we were talking about. Smiles.

And besides…how else will you know if Emo’s telling the truth unless you can look into his eyes, eh?

Anyway…Emo sure spends a lot of time facing AWAY from me. Must be something I said.


I’ve noticed EMO’s directional mics don’t really do much, when he’s looking for you he’s not really going by sound but just scanning for a face with cam it looks like. I wonder if they’ll work more with the mics at some point?

Either way, it really doesn’t bother me, it’s easy to spin him around and it’s not like he’s a living child needing discipline or anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s true. I haven’t seen any use of the 4 microphone array! I wonder why they haven’t taken advantage of it yet

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Just got Emo and waiting for a top-level post about this to get through moderation. This is a major ding against Emo - lack of eye contact. Crazy disappointing. Almost a dealbreaker for me. When Vector could do this on day one (asking with other consumer bots) it’s a massive miss by the Living.ai team that there’s apparently no directional audio for pathfinding.