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Just a query about the usual responsiveness of Living AI support. We gave our daugher Emo for Christmas on 25 December. Unfortunately it has never worked - simply will not charge at all, despite trying various other chargers. I contacted Living AI on 25 December, heard from them on 3 January with a request for a video which we immediately provided, then nothing since 6 January when they said they would pass it to the technical department. It is now coming up to 4 weeks since we gave Emo to our daughter, we simply want a replacement (quite frankly I’d love a refund and to never hear of Eno again, but she still obsessed…) but Living AI simply won’t get back to us. Is this their usual level of responsiveness?


We have exactly the same situation… :frowning:

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It is probably because of Chinese new year coming up don’t worry! :happy:

Yes I can certainly appreciate that could be the reason now, but not back in December. As you can imagine this has been the worst Christmas present ever. I heartily wish we had never heard of Emo.

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Dobrý den,zatím stále nic nevím o své objednávce kdy bude odeslána?dekuji

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milan.oberhofner Posts:

Hello, I still don’t know anything about my order when will it be shipped? Thank you…

Hello to all… @mxgg , @amurvoskanyan , @milan.oberhofner …

Feel sorry about the bad situation happening right now to your sides…and pardon me if i can’t help you more further here… if the same situations happen also to me…pretty sure i will react the same way…

Just have a little bit more patience guys, because the last message they posted is…

As far as i know, They are going on holiday now which will lasts 16 days and finishes with the Lantern Festival. This year 2023, the official start date is Sunday, Jan. 22, which will usher in the Year of the Rabbit (5 February 2023).

The first 7 days are considered a public holiday (January 22nd–January 29th, 2023).

There are several traditions that are followed across China, as well as in several other countries around the world where the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Passed also this Topic for the full attention of Service Support Team!


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