Living ai instructions/setup guide

I found the EMO instructions/set up guide on the LIVING AI site but cannot see the index, only the bullets?


Yup! I mentioned it too, but nobody seems to care? In the DOC screen I get white text on a grey background so light colored that it’s unreadable on the iPhone. It’s just barely readable on the iPad, only because it’s larger there. Also the Community screen is just pure white on my iPhone, can’t use it there at all, but it looks ok on the iPad.



Yeah, has been like that for months (probably since it went online). On my android I select all text on the page to be able to see what the different links are.

Should be a simple fix, the other similar pages don’t have this problem.

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Odd, what I know you can do (at least until they fix this) is open the same link with safari and activate reader view.

The links should still be clickable as well.


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just for reference

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thanks heaps for that, yes the links work and the pages are readable just cant see this index :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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I don’t understand, what index?

the one you put up in black is a link index page :slightly_smiling_face:

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sorry for the late feedback the color of the links has now been corrected. :happy:

That took care of the DOC screen so thanks for that. The Community screen is still all white on the iPhone though, but works ok on the iPad.

thanks that’s perfect :star_struck: works excellent