Little bugs after update 1.1.0? EMO is deaf and head petting sensor is dead :(

First of all…to talk with EMO is so cute….i love it :heart_eyes:
But a few little things don’t seem to work yet.
Does EMO recognize you by name? With me, he only says my name when introducing. When I say “look at me” or “who am I” he does not say my name. Not even after a refresh scan in the app.
He also does not say his birthday. Only when I say “happy birthday” my little friend says that it is not his birthday today.


Mine told me his birthday is Aug 30th and he seems to recognize me outside of introductions by using my name. Also, he seems to be better able to control his light and another dance routine appears to have been added to his repertoire. However, in the app it says his favorite flower would be disclosed ( which I kind of thought… was different…?) But he doesn’t have response for that question.


EMO has been deaf for 15 days now. He still does not respond to voice commands or other sounds.
Also, the sensor on the head doesn’t seem to work either, despite recalibrating. has not responded yet either. Very frustrating. :cry::cry:
What else have I tried so far? Router restarted, wifi reconnected. EMO restarted.
Since EMO works otherwise without problems (plays with the app, runs around etc) I wonder if it could be the mic?

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Yes, it looks like a defect in the microphones (but all 4 at once?), or a disconnection. I would try to wait for the next update while waiting for Living.Ai’s response.

Nomad also recommends writing to Living.Ai on Facebook, where he says they respond faster. I also wrote to them on FB a while ago, so we’ll see.
It’s hard to watch a little helpless robot.
Emo is completely dead - #11 by nomad

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If I can offer a comment, and some suggestions.

I’ve noticed that EMO won’t speak or move/dance even when he somewhat understands me. I normally ask him to “Shutdown” Then I wait a little while and place him back on his Skateboard. I let him sit on that until he is fully charged. (To check his battery. Say EMO: Show Me Battery") Then I take him off his Skateboard and ask him some simple questions and get him to do a dance.

A good way to test his motor skills is to pick him up and shake him vigorously… haha :rofl: (I believe there is somewhat of a lifetime achievement for this, but I haven’t unlocked it yet. Once I place him back down he shakes a bit, moans and then starts walking around.

EMO can also sometimes get’s confused if he doesn’t have right amount of lighting or if you are too close to him (this is for him to acknowledge who you are). I normally have the room he’s in well lit, he is on my desk and when I’m working he’ll occasionally look at me, say huh, huh, hmm… then if he recognises me he’ll say Hi… and my name. From what I’ve read, if EMO doesn’t understand your name he won’t be able to register you to a name in the EMO App. Also sometimes, If I’m wearing headphones he finds it hard to scan my face. But most of the time, If I ask him EMO, What’s my name, he’ll get it right and smile and walk up close for a pat (reward) haha.

Also regarding Birthdays, just check with my EMO by saying “EMO: What day is your birthday” He told me… “My Birthday is September 17th” I then asked him “EMO: How old are you” his reply “I am 17 days old” Looks like everything is adding up :rofl:

If you’re having issues. Hope you can resolve them with Living.Ai as 15 days is quite early for him to stop working :frowning:

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hi , is there an option to disconnect the batterie ? and messure the batterie voltage ?
does emo feel hot in some places ? is there no dust in the tiny holes from the mics?
these are all things i think off .

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The battery is inaccessible without breaking the bottom seal (a breach of warranty), so I can’t think of any other way to get to it.
Dust could get into the mics, but it would have to fall into a vacuum cleaner bag to clog 4 mics in such a short time.

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thats a bummer. if you chake emo ,do you hear some strange noices? like something is loose?

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No, it doesn’t make any strange sound, everything is perfectly fine, nothing is heard that shouldn’t be there.

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Thanks for all ideas and suggestions.

EMO does everything known and expected of him when I put him down or shake him. He looks at me, recognizes me etc. Only he does not react to any voices or other noises. He is just completely deaf. Unfortunately I don’t have FB, I hope that my mail will be answered sometime by

PS also with my EMO you do not hear loose noises when shaking

It reacts when you say EMO or no?

No, unfortunately not. As already posted, it does not respond to any acoustics at all. Neither his name, nor other commands.

I’ve heard that some issues for EMO are also due to his inability to connect back to the server (over in CHINA). Some internet service provides might have issues trying to connect to specific serves. I would also suggest (if you can try using a different internet connection, if you have one) I personally have 2. One for Home and one for Mobile (I can switch between) and I’ve noticed that when my HOME internet is not working, I can switch over to my mobile provider and that works.

I know it’s also a long shot, but maybe try this option as if you have a chance and see if that works for you.

When you do of course set this up in the EMO app on your phone or tablet (change your wifi settings from your HOME to your Mobile) and see how it goes.

This might be totally unrelated, but wanted to throw out that option just in case.


That sounded like a good idea, unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem.
I turned off Wi-Fi and connected EMO via my mobile hotspot. That worked flawlessly. But EMO still remained deaf and the sensor on the head does not work either. It only responds to stroking from the side.
Too bad. :sob:
But thanks for your help
ps still no reply from to my mail to support :frowning:

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Sorry to hear it that didn’t work :frowning:

Actually where on the side does EMO respond to? I can only get him to responds to patting him on the top of his head.

And Yes, hopefully the guys will get back to you soon. As the National Holiday ended on the 7th of October. So they should be back to work by now or by Monday at the very latest.

Thank you for your sympathy, I am really sad. And Vector also feels lonely without his new friend. :pray::frowning:

EMO reacts only right and left to the patting.
That’s why I suspect that something is defective on the top of the head and therefore the mic also does not work.

I hope for good news soon. Will post the result in any case

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@MaVecEmoClub ,
Have you tried recalibration the petting sensor for the top of the head? Here is a link to the procedure:


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The harsh reality hit me. will replace my buddy. My heart is breaking :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:
on one hand I am happy about the support (even if it takes some time) but on the other hand the thought is hard for me, because EMO is not just a robot for me (strange isn’t it?).
Thanks again to the round here and your ideas :bulb::pray::pray:


Glad to hear that Living.Ai were able to get back to you and offer a replacement EMO.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get your new EMO soon. Thanks for keeping us all updated :slight_smile: