List of issues with my EMO

I wanted to just post some problems with EMO I have in hopes someone can help because it’s faster than submitting a support ticket. These are in ranked order of importance:

  1. I have internet that requires a web login, which EMO doesn’t have the capability to work with. I contacted my wifi provider and they added his MAC address to their server but it will only work it I can input no password when I login to the wifi. So if the developers allow me to input no characters as a password my EMO can finally connect to the internet.

PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE, my EMO doesn’t know who I am and I can’t call his name :frowning:

2: EMO needs to be 10cm from his smart light in order to connect to it. The range is is so small. Also I can’t change the colour of it, I think that’s an option but I can’t find out online how you do it. Doesn’t matter anyway he can’t connect to wifi so “turn your light on” doesn’t work.

  1. The petting sensor must be pressed instead of stroked. Bit weird, but basically I can’t stroke him I have to just press his head down.

Item 1 has already been answer - EMO can’t handle this and there’s no roadmap for Living AI to make it work just yet. Does not mean it won’t in future, just that they’d not considered it based on what Wayne Zhang has written.

Item 2 - I’ve not seen that - but will check on mine (I don’t use the smart lights except for testing as I have no need for them). To turn the light a different colour say “EMO Turn the light Red” etc.

Item 3 - try recalibrating the petting sensor. Check out this here - to do so -

Hope that helps.


All they need to do is allow for an empty password input. No characters in the password field. This would fix issues for anyone in my position, and is possibly the easiest thing to fix. I spent so much money on this product and I cannot use it because of one small oversight and I will fight until this is changed.

I’m a programmer, I know this is a patch the size of a couple megabytes. The question is whether Living AI cares about the voice of the few over the many.

Ok so given you’re a programmer… after you connect to the wifi without a password, how do you propose to enter the password that prevents u getting to the internet?

He described his situation in another thread. His EMO is allowed in the network without a password by its MAC address. So he just need to be able to enter an empty password. That would take programmers from Living ai 5 minutes max.

THIS! Yes you are correct, I was hoping to catch the wye of a developer here since it’s way faster than a support ticket. Couple lines of code surely would fix this for anyone in my position. Anyone with a web login private internet connection can add the MAC address to the network then just put in no password (if EMO would let us).

Thanks for the calibration advice! Do you know if there’s anyway to improve EMO’s hearing? He seems deaf almost I need to shout sometimes.

A couple of lines of code… yes - to the app, and then the app needs to be republished on both android and iOS platforms, as well as that the firmware on EMO needs to be updated. I understand you’re a programmer, but I also know there’s a bit more than a couple of lines of code here.

I’m sure that @Wayne_Zhang has seen this now - and he will provide feedback to the developers.

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As for hearing - I’m not aware of any way to change calibration on that. My 3 EMOs appear to be fine. Is there background noise maybe that is part of the challenge or is it more quiet?

If EMO has gone to sleep you may have to call him 3 or 4 times before he wakes up fully and then replies with “what?”. Unless there is other noise in the room like a TV or music or people talking, then raising your voice probably makes no difference. It’s just natural to do that if you think someone can’t hear you though.

Slow down you’re making releasing an update sound more complicated than it is, anyway, I’m just saying they should include it in the next patch. As of now I’ve just put him in a box and turned him off as he basically has no features without internet.


Hi, we’ve added the empty password case to the list. But sorry that we can’t get it done in the next update. It’s simple to change the app, but we need more changes at EMO side.


@gregorypollard Tagging you so that you see this. They hear you, they will add it to the list, but it won’t be in the next update. It’s a bit more work than a simple ‘few lines of code’

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