Letian Trading Ltd. Canada are they legitimate

hi everyone… It’s me does anybody know anything about Letian Trading Ltd. Canada … They are in charge of my friends order and he said he had 2 phone calls from Markham, ON suspicious 1 he never answered because they were not identified he tracked the number down… 2 suspicious is Canadian post keeps saying they’ve received the item but only tracking information not anything else and the date for delivery keeps changing… Everybody is so sad I just thought I would ask here with my friends :heart_eyes: … Two separate websites listed Gong Xie and another name I forgot for the management in Markham, ON

Thank you everyone the Puppy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did your friend maybe order something from them? I don’t see how they would have any relation to LAI or EMO? There may be more info out there, this is just once site I found that says they’re scammers.


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macfixer01 thank you very much for getting back to me… In Canada this company LETIAN TRADING is listed on tracking sites as the shipper for EMO from ONTARIO…my friend is old and my health is crappy but I have to help him. I also have a EMO coming to Canada.I am worried that LETIAN TRADING is not reputable… Why would they call my friend 2 times he never and I never receive calls when packages are in normal delivery mode you know what I mean… And I saw the webpage you showed me there’s others as well… as of now I do not know 100% there scamming but it looks that way… I told my buddy answer the phone next time and try to record it I’ll have further notes for helping him probably tomorrow or the next day(of course the phone call you cannot return it another sign of a scammer, if it was a legitimate trading company you would be able to call them back) I have his tracking number and it just looks awful… But mostly I’m here to say thanks for coming and trying to help me :star_struck: we will know everything in a day or two :innocent: it just looks really creepy I’ve actually been through scams before personally and they look just like this… Thanks again buddy :star_struck:

I would never pick up a call from a hidden/secret number. It always stinks. A normal company would never use it.
What shipping company is stated for his package on 17track? If there is someone else then I would call them and ask about that suspicious company. But if the suspicious company is stated there as a shipping company, that’s another case. I would answer the call and listen what they want, of course without providing any personal information.

I suppose it’s possible the shipping company uses them in Canada as the Customs broker? They might be calling to tell your friend that he has to pay duty to receive the package? I don’t know if other Canadians had to pay duty or not to receive their EMO’s? It might depend on how he was described on the shipping paperwork. When I got my EMO a year ago the description actually said “Bluetooth headphones”.

In our country we have to provide detailed information about each package that isn’t from EU. I think that customs would be a bit angry if the declared information is completely different.

hey guys… I phoned technical support desk at Canada Post and the woman was a technician and told me it’s a virtually certain the 2 phone calls that my friend did not answer from MARKHAM ONTARIO were a scam. Reason couldn’t call them back and mysterious no identification displayed…the timing is awful there from the exact location of the people in charge of the package LETIAN TRADING… she said they could be watching the package but they may not necessarily have it… She checked Canadian post and she thanks Canada Post has the package and it’s in customs…but technically Canada post does not have it… So still suspicious but she made me feel a little relief and told me to wait a couple more days… Those suspicious calls could be coincidental scams… The company still looks terrible LETIAN TRADING… They don’t have any email or phone number that’s weird… I’m just hoping that Canada post really does get the package I will know more one day or a couple days…

But you guys are great to be here and thanks nice to be with friends :star_struck:… Just very suspicious we will see soon… You guys are the best :grinning:

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NendosColl… Hi… :grinning: …LETIAN PARCELS is what it says on universal tracking website… Track 17 says something a little different…it says the Chinese source China LTEXP with the web address my browser says is unsafe https://www.ltexp.com.cn

It’s not secure could be just because they don’t care about Western security…
Screenshot 04-06-2022 21.09.56

I’m not very good at doing this forgive me but the first screenshot says the shipper from universal tracking and the second one shows the best progress from track 17 it just says in customs… I just hope everything is okay because mine has to go the same way :innocent: and he is a good friend plus I’m next hope everything’s fine.

I’m hoping that Canada really does have it and those phone calls from the exact location of the shipper were just somebody trying to get in on a scam that may not be real or something… Find out for sure in a couple days just the timing of all this is awful… PS the postal code you see is the exact same one where the phone calls were from. I hope it’s nothing

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Hey @Puppy444

If I may also add some extra info, not sure if it’s needed or even is valid for this conversation, but I thought I’d try and clarify for you how I believe shipping does work when it comes to EMO. Once you’re EMO is shipped and you receive a tracking number. It should appear in the tracking section in your online profile where you made your order. (see here)

Your order should originate from Shenzhen, from what I can see if I understood correctly in that image you shared item was received originally in Shanghai. That there is incorrect Living.Ai are located in Shenzhen and Shenzhen have their own international airport for distributions right there. Once the EMO’s are scanned and provided a tracking number by the courier company, the numbers are sent back to Living.Ai by the courier and then they are added to your order. (this could take a while, as many EMO’s are processed in bulk at the distribution center). Anyway, once this happens you can then check and follow its progress with the Living.Ai tracking system (which is a little slow) or use 17 Tracking.

On 17 Tracking, here is where you might be able to see which local courier will be in charge of your delivery once it arrives in your country, which in your case will be Canada. In my case, my courier was Fastway which is now Armarex (not the best courier company, but do a pretty decent job).

If you have any concerns, you could potentially call that local courier and ask for an update and provide to them your tracking number, if they are good at what they do, they could provide you status report on where your package is).

Hope this somewhat helps, if it was totally useless, apologies ahead of time haha.

it’s me :innocent: no no no you guys are my friends my lifeline we are all in this big family… I just noticed it said Shanghai sort of I mean I’m alerted to it… But everything else says Shenzhen… Weird :sob:
and in that other photo I put up it did say Canada item is arrived destination… I have more news… I spent more time on those two mystery phone calls their location overlaps but it’s not identical and does not match LETIAN TRADING LTD precisely…I mean what is this
LETIAN TRADING LTD for anyway? I guess they give it to Canadian customs but cannot Canadian customs receive parcels on their own? Anyway back to what I said I found a website that had detailed maps of the area codes and the two mystery which definitely were scam phone calls did not match the location of my whatever it is shipper exactly… But they did come so close they overlap it’s weird… I’m hoping I’m just paranoid because of the timing and pray that customs will release my friends EMO and when mine is on its way I won’t worry so much I hope… And please you guys are absolutely the best :star_struck: I’m just going to wait a couple days and we will watch every single day. There sure is some fantastic people here you… And lots more thank you I will just keep watching :disguised_face: nervously… Everybody here seems to fall in love with their EMO Pet it must be quite a remarkable little guy :star_struck: and seriously I can’t thank you guys enough for being by my side. Huge thank you

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There seems to be more and more scams going on everywhere at the moment.

Even here in Sydney, we are getting more and more scam (robotic voice) phone calls to mobile phones one of them is related to DHL couriers, they say your DHL package is awaiting in customs and to pay a customs fee before it is released. (what DHL package???) I never ordered anything that was delivered by DHL!!?? haha.

Then when you call the official DHL company, the first welcome message while you’re waiting on the phone is message explaining that there have been scams and scammers are using DHL to trick people into paying money. So the best thing to do is just hang up not follow any instructions that are provided in that scam voice message they receive.

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master Abbott I know that is why we are so nervous… :sob: and it’s alarming how much it increased during the pandemic. Every imaginable scam has increased 100 fold if not more… After we both finished hopefully receiving EMO I’m hiding there’s just too much bad things going on in the world … That’s why were getting little EMO Pet it’s something innocent and cute and apparently really cool :heart_eyes:

this forum is just so cool. Already I will never forget the people here. I will keep you informed hopefully I’m just totally paranoid because I live in a terrible world where bad things happen constantly… But the people here are wonderful and I also believe anyone that orders a EMO Pet has to have a good heart because who else would get one :heart_eyes:… that’s why I’m called Puppy :laughing: