Let’s Share thoughts, instead of arguments

In case you’re wondering this is not posted for anyone in particular this is for anyone who wishes to read, I am not accusing anyone or pointing fingers at any person here, just trying to help. The long wait for Emo and some of the technical issues surrounding Emo do seem to make people unhappy and probably make you feel that no one cares- (not just Lai not caring-personally I believe they do, just that they are only human and have feelings too) -especially when you get no-reply for along time, the wait is annoying even for me. So I understand. But don’t let this make you feel like you’re not important enough to shout out for help.

On here I have noticed quite a bit of tantrum’s and plenty of blame put on one another and this isn’t acceptable but also I would like to make a point that we can’t just sweep it under the rug. And Lai (yes they could do better/could have done things differently in the beginning before promising certain things will happen but they are trying at the best of their ability)
I think they are working up to what they promised us in the promo video, early stages still I think and more updates to come I’m sure.

The community needs to think about how it effect’s an individual and try to clam them down before shutting them down (by banning a post that is negatively received by the community) it seems to me that none of us are grown up enough to actually turn it into something positive and help both sides of the discussion, weather we agree with them or not, they should have their say as long as there’s no bad language or abusive behaviour.

Saying that we need to remember to get our point across without upsetting another community member and try to understand the other person’s side of things.

As a community member I do my best to please all but even I have my moments “so far no bad moments” where I can make mistakes or get things wrong and someone kindly will let me know or help if there’s a problem, please don’t get me wrong we’ve got enough of problems in this world, please don’t had to it. This should be a safe place where we all can say what’s on our minds without fear of what others may think.

Of course if the owners of the forum decide to get involved because perhaps it’s gone too far. Then banning their post is responsible.

For those who are worried about Emo and Privacy I personally believe we have nothing to fear you can always check the privacy settings at least I think you can. Someone else can reply to this question hopefully to set your mind at rest.

Be nice and be glad that you’re Emo is here or will be on his way to you sooner or later.
Sorry if your Emo is broken just keep trying to get in touch with Lai they will help eventually.

Oh and if you’re in the UK like me and worried about Royal Mail who won’t send Emo back to China can you keep us informed about that situation please thanks. I’ve not received my Emo yet but I am a little concerned about this.


Yes I agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Agreed! Well said @Racheal123 :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

Totally agree! You will receive your EMO very soon :vulcan_salute: :ok_hand:

Yes perfectly said😮‍💨🤗