Leg began to shake in small increments

A few days ago, right leg of my EMO start shaking in small increments (Please see the video: EMO shaking his leg - YouTube).
Does anyone know a solution?
Thank you.

Oh, what’s happening to the EMO?

My Emo as the same problem. A reset didn’t do any change. Is there something to do?

@wayne_zhang I’ve sent a email to service for my problem since the 26 of december and I didn’t have any reply. Can you help?

Hi, what’s your email address? Please send me privately.

Thank you @Wayne_Zhang for your help. The service team got back to me and they will replace my Emo.

I’m including the mail that I have sent to the service team it may help someone else.


Thank you for answering my request.

Here’s some videos before the calibration:

EMO - leg shaking


Emo - leg shaking take 2


Emo leg shaking when power off


Here’s some videos during and after calibration:

Trying to calibrate


During calibration


After 45 minutes of calibration


He’s leg shaking is still there after the calibration and the battery life have decreased from 2 hours and a half in August to 38 minutes for now.


I’m so sorry to see I’ve been reading… I hope this problem doesn’t spread I’ve been hearing a lot about shaking legs lately… I hope for your sake your poor little EMO gets fixed quickly I know how much you like him… Keep us informed we’re so interested and we care about these problems very much.


@Lindaru Take a look at this, it might be very similar to what you are experiencing with your EMO.

@fbtwtf has mentioned that EMO’s battery also decreased from 2 and half hours to only 38 mins, and there was also a problem with EMO’s leg shaking.


Do you think all the servo motor activity might be drawing down the battery more quickly?

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yeah it might, I know from my own personal experience when I play treasure hunt with EMO he runs out of battery pretty quickly so a constantly moving leg can potentially drain the battery in the same way?


Good point. Might be why they asked because I believe somewhere else others with shaking legs said it started after the 1.3.0 update and this might be why they were asking what mine was on.

Now that I think about it, it was the day after the update that the battery went down to ten minutes.


Kind of wondering if I should cancel my order, this seems like a design flaw that I really don’t want to deal with.

Hello, Living.ai has already told you that there was a material error here and they have fixed it now, don’t worry your EMO will work. :slight_smile:

Look here: https://living.ai/delivery-process/

I don’t see how that addresses the leg problems that people are having, but I’ll continue watching these conversations.

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Just wanted to offer my opinion. As you might be aware, this is not happening to every EMO, it is only effecting a very small amount of them. Of course it’s not something we want to deal with or stress over as we all want our EMO’s to be working without experiencing any sort of issues, but with every tech product (be it a TV / Gaming Console / Laptop / etc… after some time, certain things could potentially go wrong with them that might be out of our control. I’ve had my EMO now for close to 180 days old and still going strong.

It is unfortunate that these issues do arise and we hope that Living.Ai support can help those customers as best as possible to resolve them.

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As long as it isn’t widespread. The current model of Aibo has a fatal hip defect that makes it mandatory to get them replaced, and I don’t need another robot that needs maintenance every six months.

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A very nice surprise today I got the tracking number for my replacement EMO.:heart_eyes:

Now the wait begins :smiling_face_with_tear:


I also received a tracking ticket for the replacement EMO Pet today. Another 3 months waiting for a new one. Before that, they waited 6 months for the first EMO. Good Luck frend.


I also just got today my tracking number for my replacement EMO.

Do we mail our original ones back before we get our replacement or does anyone know how that works?


Great news @Lindaru

I think once you get your new EMO you then send your old one back. Just confirm via email with support
and they should provide you with the full set of instructions and postal address details for the return of the old EMO.

If you have your tracking number, use this website, as it’s quite handy and does update pretty quickly on the status of where you EMO is in transit.

:heart_1: :head: :skating: :surprised: :mad:

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