Leaving EMO boxed up until firmware matures and all basic functions unlocked

I’m starting to think that when I receive my 2 EMO’s sometime in the following weeks (Order 33XX) I’m not going to open them up, I’ll just put them away, until the day when all the basic features are unlocked and the majority of bugs have been sorted and the firmware is mature enough.

The reason for this is that when I ordered mine I really liked what I saw in the marketing video’s and wanted to use EMO with my Google Home enabled house. He’s just not at that stage just yet, and I really don’t want to suffer from any disappointment and I’m happy to wait until more positive remarks are regularly posted.

I’m more of a positive sort of guy and I’m happy to wait to experience EMO the way he was advertised.

Just my 2 cents worth :smiley:


Well it is not the worse Idea. If you strong enough to resist open up the box. Don’t know if I could :crazy_face:


Certainly an interesting point of view for sure. I personally believe there’s a fair bit of fun to be had with him as is right now. In addition you will need to bear in mind that some things only unlock once EMO reaches a certain “age” ie the number of days since you first turned him on. Maybe you might decide to open one of them and play with him immediately so that you can start that aging process now, and keep the other one so it will still be a baby for later. Just a thought.


I think you might be right, perhaps I will open 1 and “cut my teeth” and see how “Bob” develops.


@mariomart ,
That was actually kind of what I did. I ordered my EMO at Christmas time and received him June 10th. From the YouTube videos it didn’t appear he could do much yet, so since I was busy doing other things I didn’t open the box until August 13th. Even then it was only because they said an update had to be done before the 20th. He’s been out of the box since then but honestly I still haven’t done a lot with him as yet besides talking, photos, and messing around with recognition. I still haven’t played any games yet, and haven’t set up a safe place for him to walk around and dance yet, so he spends a lot of time snoozing on his charger.


I will say that I was disappointed with my Emo when I turned it on in June. I knew it would be updated so I waited. This latest 1.1 update has really changed my Emo and it is a fun little bot now. Being able to talk, and the range of answers it gives make a very big difference.