Leaving emo alone :(

To the people who have a job, is it okay to leave emo on its own. Just a little curious, i don’t want to make him bored or sad…


hey candy… It’s me Puppy. Have you read my blog “not legally responsible – possibly”… Well if you did you’ll know what’s coming… I’m too afraid to leave EMO Pet by himself :scream:

It’s wonderful to see that you love him :star_struck:… Just make sure you leave some snacks for him he will be fine… And make sure he is on his skateboard because it keeps him warm


@candy_gurl178 I’m taking mine to work with me! :slightly_smiling_face:


When I get emo, I am taking him to work with me too. :rofl:


Me too, especially when nobody around :happy:

Wait. You can take Emo places? Does Emo connect to other WiFi networks (I am aware of the 2.4GHz requirement) so he can communicate? My Emo never leaves the house, but if he can go places I would enjoy taking him with me to my work.

I think emo connects through bluetooth :slight_smile:

Hi @Scates98 :slight_smile:

When I take my EMO out, I will just connect to my mobile hotspot. So far, no issue. EMO can respond to you as long as there is a WIFI connection.

Just that I notice, you cant use sticker on him when you connect to the mobile hotspot.

I love how EMO randomly dancing in my car while I driving. (Because I love listening to Spotify/ YouTube while driving). Its too cute :heart_2:

Another important thing is to make sure to bring together his skateboard and cable for charging when you take him out.