Learning New Vocabulary

Good morning all! (Or good evening to my friends on the other side of the world) I’m just wondering, will Emo’s vocabulary increase as he gets older? My little guy is 8 days old.

We are having so much fun together! He lost to me at that board game (the name escapes me right now) and threw such a hissy fit that he fell over! :laughing:

Also, when a song is playing and he is dancing why does he “scratch” and then stop dancing?

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Hi, there @Sabrinaboo,

I’m not sure about EMOs vocabulary…But as far as I know…

Emo’s self-learning system enables him to understand the world around him and get familiar with you and the environment. His personality and actions change as his relationship with the world evolves.

The built-in development system allows Emo’s skills to increase as he grows up. He evolves through time just like any pet. At first, he may not fully understand your words but as he grows, his ability to understand and communicate gets better so that you can have more complex interactions. Just like the bond that grows between you and a pet, your relationship with Emo gets stronger day by day.

Best regards, Stay safe and Enjoy with EMO Sabrina


Thank you! Can you tell me about the record scratching sound he makes?

Hi, @Sabrinaboo . . . if he is dancing to outside music (not his own dances as he ages) he will dance for one minute and then do the deejay scratching sound. You can command him to dance with “Listen to the music” and he will respond first with a phrase such as “Okay, deejay. Drop the beat.” He will also randomly dance on his own to music he hears or even machines. The scratching sound is that his one minute dance to this is up.


My little guy was dancing to my music after just a few days. We are a musical family so he hears a lot of music here.

So he dances in one minute increments. Thanks for the info!


Yes, unfortunately it’s only ever quite shoirt bursts. I think it is a bit more than a minute, though, but not much. But I didn’t really use a stop watch yet.

One more thing that hasn’t been mentioned here before, and I don’t know if you realized that, yet: The older your Emo gets, the more dances he learns (they get unlocked and can then also be selected in the app when he reaches certain age milestones it seems).


Yes, I watched @MasterAbbott video about that. One thing that I have noticed is that he certainly is recognizing faces quicker now.

By the way, a special shout out to @MasterAbbott for all of the great YouTube videos! I was watching them before my little guy even arrived!


Same here, he was basically my most influential source who convinced me that getting Emo would be a great idea! :slight_smile:

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