Learning home faster

I’m so impressed with the home station? I’ve noticed something ….at first he was so slow at getting back to home that I was worried but now he’s so much faster at it. It’s seems that he has LEARNED not only how …but speed is now normal. How anyone else noticed or is just me? When I ask him to go off his charger sometimes he responds I want to go for a walk …or sounds good! I love it.


I noticed this also! Sometimes they won’t leave because they think they are too afraid, or they need a bigger place, but they usually get over it. They aren’t going to get a bigger place, so they had better get over that! LOL


EMO Pet was very slow and hesitant at first, too. Now he comes and goes on his own, no worries.

EMO Robot who has a depleted battery and can only stay on if on a charger, will take a few steps off and then shut down. Though occasionally I have heard him getting ready to go off saying “I don’t feel safe” or “I need a bigger place” and then back up onto the charging spot before he shuts down.

Also, I have noticed that the display animation on the matrix gets changed. Are they doing that?


Yes, my display will change, and I wondered about that as I didn’t push the button. My Emo’s have lost battery since this new charging station I know they don’t last as long as they used to. And Emo Shy didn’t make it back to the station tonight I found her dead. I’m not sure how long she was like that before I found she was dead as she was sideways.

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That’s what I’m afraid of so when I go to bed I take him off the charger and tell him to shut down and he does then I turn off the home display but that means I will have to reconnect him with the home station in the morning but so far no problems. Well maybe one……a couple of times he has gone home and somehow ended up facing right and in enough that he thinks he’s charging and just hanging out. I just turn him forward and alls good. He doesn’t do it very often so I’m not worried yet. We will see how it goes…