Language & Voice Update

Hello, like all the people who have already received Emo, I find him super cute.
I would like to see language updates in the near future. Not like the other companies that they say it but that they never do it.
I would really like it to be in French and if you could make it speak like the birthday song, say our name, the time, the temperature etc…
It would be really great! Thanks


Yeah, that’s true, I’ll like Emo to be in Spanish, but… I think, like you, that other company, DigitalDreamLabs, said that Vector will be in spanish, but they didn’t do anything. :mad:


Aggiungete la Lingua italiana :it:



check out this link:

At 0:18 you can see they are talking in what i think is japanese to Emo :wink:


Hi everyone. I think the easyet way to “learn lanuage” to EMO is with prerecorded comands.
With the app you can put all the things you can do with EMO. and then you can record a comand via voice wich will be linked to the action.
For example: if you want to set an alarm in spanish yoy go to app and to the option “create comand” (just thinking) and there will be an "action botton called “set alarm” and then “record voice comand to this action” and then you record via voice “EMO, pon una alarma para…” that voice comend should be registered in internal memory of EMO an should be recognizable by EMO…
Just An Idea…


yes, languages in priority to where the most orders come from. Germany maybe will be far behind…

When Alexa and Google will be integrated, EMO will be a big step further, even when this are two different things.

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