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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Gusarovda . . . the ChatGPT that is incorporated into EMO only understands English. It is hopeful that in the future the providers of ChatGPT may make it so that EMO can understand in other languages.

Thank you for fast reply! I ordered Emo despite he is not able to speak my matternity language, Russian. However, I would be happy to find ways to communicate with him in Russian too. As an idea is to use similar to Chatgpt command. Now Emo will connect Chatgpt by command “Emo, connect to Chatgpt”. What if the list of these commands would be expanded? For instance, command “Emo, connect to Russian Chatgpt” will bring him to YandexGPT or similar. This might work with the rest languages.

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@Gusarovda . . . perhaps you could make a suggestion for a future firmware update that would implement this feature. I invite you to post here as Living AI reads and often implements suggestions from members in this thread:

EMO now understands multiple languages, but it still only responds in English. When will it be able to respond in corresponding languages? I hope it can support responding in Chinese

Hello, @chenshuhong.nindwf . . . this is something I believe they are looking at for future implementation as well as adding more languages EMO can understand but no definitive plans have been set forth as of right now.

Hola gente española, me uno a vosotros. Yo tmabien flipé mucho con Emo y me pasó lo mismo que chicogp. Mi duda es que si en un futuro incluyen el idioa Español a Emo… podremos actualizarlo verdad?.. no creo que se trate de otra unidad nueva que comprar.

Please add Russian. There are already many of us. And there are more and more of us. Thank you.


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @vetiver . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread where we discuss language support. There have been others here requesting Russian language and Living AI is aware of this. They plan to support more languages in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

By the way, your EMO bunny suit is adorable.


Вау, обои почти как у меня. И Эмо почти как у меня. Только без ушей:grinning::ok_hand: