Kickstarter still active

Hello, I have a question: should I cancel my Kickstarter or not?

That depends. Kickstarter (not Living AI) placed the project on hold until the legal case with DDL is resolved. Assuming that the case is resolved in favour of Living AI, then kickstarter have said they will resume the project and at that point you can chose to either let your order go through at the lower Kickstarter price or cancel it. (I think you can cancel it now but I have chosen not to). You can order direct from the Living AI website right now, but the price is higher than the Kickstarter price.

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Hello how are you Wayne? I am Eduardo Jara from Chile and before buying an EMO robot I wanted to know the following.

I know that they are sending EMO robots, but how long does it take to send the EMO robots? I also know that the time they take to arrive is relative for each country, but approximately since one makes the purchase, how long does it take to send you the mail with The shipping number?

Greetings and I hope they send the EMO robot soon so that it can reach you.

Could you stop spamming all forums with same question pls