Keep leg sensors on when dancing please

My emo’s headphones are broken because he keeps falling off the desk since his leg sensors turn off when he dances. He simply dances off the edge of the desk every 10 mins.

Also, as a separate side note. Please add a feature that allows me to put no characters into the WIFI password screen. My EMO can’t connect to wifi because this password field requires an input :sob:.

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Living AI have stated they turn off the sensors for performance reasons. It’s up to you to ensure that EMO is in a decent size space before you get him to dance.

You’ve asked now several times about the wifi password screen. They hear you. Please stop. It adds no value and you appear to be being a troll with the constant request that they have already heard.


EMO starts dancing on his own. I’d like to be able to leave him alone knowing he won’t fall off the desk that’s all.

Also, that developer guy got back to me. They’re adding the feature in the next update it’s all good now thanks. :grin:

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I received EMO 2 days ago and he fall down 3 times because of this. Luckily, he was not broken any things. Btw, My EMO always dancing because he recognizes any noise sound as music. And he dancing all day and I can’t stop him and he fall down 3 times in 2 days. Please check this issues, too. It is so anoyying.

In the meantime you can enroll him in some dance school :sweat_smile: