Just recieved emo, not turning on?


I hope you guys can help me. I just received my EMO but the blue light on his skateboard is not lighting up and he isnt doing anything. he doesn’t seem to be charging. can anyone help me with this?

Did you try plugging something else into the outlet to make sure the you have power there? Is his left foot centered over the circle on the skateboard? Do you have a different USB-C charger you can plug into the skateboard to try? Or a different wireless charger which you can try setting EMO on? Or see if your phone will charge wirelessly from the skateboard (or through the USB-C cable)? Are you having to use an adapter for the wall plug connection, and have you verified that works? It wouldn’t hurt shooting a video as you do the tests since if you have to contact tech-support ( service@living.ai ) they will want to see that.

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Yep I tried all of that. my phone ist charging either on the skateboard, the cable and plug are fine, and emo doesnt charge on a different wireless charger either. Guess I’ll take a video and send it to support :frowning: Im so sad