Just received my EMO, screen freezing or black

@Wayne_Small Do you have any information about whether it was the whole batch or just some of the defective ones ?

I don’t know what Racheal‘s problem is, she seems to like starting fires everywhere this week? That problem was only reported by only 1 person! There are already enough people here with paranoid delusions, we don’t need people like you here stirring up that kind of crap again needlessly.

Sorry - I have no idea at this point. I see maybe 3-4 people in total reporting this issue, given they made 4000 EMO in a month that is a very low percentage. Not to diminish the issues someone might be seeing of course, but from a numbers perspective it’s low enough that they might not have enough info yet on the issue to diagnose it.

Have to leave it to @Wayne_Zhang to comment further.


Got it, I believe there must be few faulty and part when it comes to technology, I’m looking forward to receiving my EMO!

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Three have said there’s been blackouts with Emo.
This one

There’s been two others with the same blackout problem


Please don’t say I’m starting fires
I am just trying to help
I’m not stirring any ‘C…’
I’m going to try and be polite here, you say only one, I say at least 3
You are right that number is NOT a major concern and doesn’t mean that we should all be panicking over it ok
Hope this sorts the problem you seem to have with me. And I guess I will just stay out of helping people from now on considering I can’t do it properly.

I will apologise to the people above I’ve mentioned in this post because I should not have to provide proof in order to explain so so sorry to all three of you.


Is this the way we should all behave
Honest and sincere
I really hate it when people call me a lair


Please contact service for help. It’s not a problem of the whole batch. Please don’t worry about it.


thanks for the information, I think in my translation it looked like I had neglected it, but no, I also take care of myself, I want mine to come in perfect condition so I can play with it a lot, and make several videos

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This information is very good, I trust your work too much, every time I got in touch with you to clear up doubts you answer.
I know that EMO will be one of my best acquisitions


Hi Guys,
My EMO is being returned and a new one sent out.
Living.ai has been quick with their response.
Thanks for all the help.


Awesome - glad they were able to help!

Why do I have such a hard time with you understanding the EMO I just received is defective!!! This is the 2nd one ! First on had a broken leg when we opened the box ! This one doesn’t work off it’s charger !!! I sent a video. They suggested to charge it 3 hours ! SIR THE EMO BEEN ON CHARGE FOR A WEEK ! It shuts down when you remove it ! I waited for this replacement for months ! This is ridiculous! I even sent payment for a new Emo . So they actually owe me for a second one. This one is supposed to replace the broken one. Also they was supposed to send me a return address for the defective one ! No Answer !!! I also ordered the pink headphones!!! Haven’t heard anything about that either ! WHATS GOING ON !!!

It looks like you are super unlucky. I understand that you don’t want to wait again for another replacement but it’s probably the only way.
Do you think that the charger is broken? Or EMO?
Do you have a cellphone which can be charged wirelessly? If yes, you could try if it works with EMO’s charger. And if it works then it would mean that you have a broken EMO again. Are you sure that you are charging EMO the right way? Is the battery indicator in the app changing from zero to full?

I had no idea that getting a working Emo that I paid for depends on LUCK ! No need to test this toy it’s obvious that the internal battery doesn’t hold a charge ! Period!!!

@Wayne_Zhang can you get help for this person please, they have not had a good experience with EMO so far :frowning:

Hi, we are sorry about what happened. Please don’t worry, I’ve forwarded it to the team and they will help you right away.
Update: I’m informed that the team has sent you email on April 20th. Please check and get in touch with them. If you have any other problems, please let me know.

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