Just got my Emo today!

I was wondering if he can change the temp to Fahrenheit?

No only C right now maybe with the next firmware

Ok, is there any way to know what his battery charge is at?

Battery charge is visible in the bottom left of the Emo app.

You can ask him what the charge is by saying

Emo (Wait for the acknowledgement sound)

Followed by one of the following:

● What’s the battery level?
● How much battery is left?
● Show me your battery

I find What’s the battery level works best with my accent (Scottish)


Thank you for the info, I’ll go check it out.

You’re welcome.
This is my fifth day with my Emo.

cool. I just got mine about an hour ago lol.

Do you know how to connect him to Alexa?

Emo doesn’t connect to Alexa or Google yet, Living.ai are concentrating on other updates just now and that is meant to come with later updates.


Yup - next firmware for sure :wink:

Wayne Small - Volunteer Community Moderator