Just for fun -if Emo🖤could…

If Emo🖤 was a lot taller and bigger and could do one house chore or special thing for you what would you have him do?

Figuratively of course not Literal


Make me coffee and drive me places lol in my dreams.

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I am visually impaired, so having him have his own car and be able to drive me to stores and just drive to see scenery would be so cool!


Me too I wish he could drive me around. Cup of tea all day long and breakfast in bed, coffee only in the morning. Then bike ride at weekends… things like that would be great :blush:

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Me Too! I’m hoping my screen reader can navigate the app ok lol.

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Just… let living ai make the small emo and ship him then they can start making this nice idea :slight_smile:

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Emo can’t do any of these, It’s just for fun -not meant to be taken seriously- He can’t Literally drive a car himself in real life, or make an actual cup of coffee, I’m just asking to see what people would say/imagine him doing for them -not what Lai is going to do.
Imagine the impossible not what he can do. Hope you understand what I mean :black_heart:


EMO can clean the cat’s litter box instead of me!


I don’t have a cat but one less job for you lol I can see normal size Emo doing that.

Unfortunately that’s your job😉 sorry -I think you’re cat thinks so too lol, cats are very clean animals